Residential Land, Lots, Blocks For Sale

67 acre site consisting of future Single Detached, Semi-Detached, Street Townhouse and Condo Apartment Units.

Located on the west side of Upper Centennial Parkway, between Mud Street and Highland Road.

A large park and elementary school site (public) form part of this development. Existing Saltfleet High School (public) is within walking distance of the site.

Future shopping and retail will be adjacent to the east side of the site.

Existing supermarket and retail stores are located within minutes of the site (both to the south, and to the west).

Official Plan, Zoning By-Law and Draft Plan of Subdivision approved.

Current Draft Plan includes:

86 Single Detached Lots, 35′-40′

100 Semi-Detached Lots, 22.5′-23.5′

233 Street Townhouse Units, 20′

253 Condo Apartment Units

Draft Plan


Official Plan

Draft Plan Conditions


198 First Road West, Stoney Creek